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Sindy 25 Man Heroic
Sep 9, 10 1:50 AM
Halion 25 Man (Regular)
Sep 8, 10 3:11 AM
Professor Putricide 25 HM Down!
Aug 23, 10 4:48 AM
The King is Dead
Jun 6, 10 7:28 AM
May 18, 10 5:23 PM
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Service Updates
We are a progression minded 25-man guild for ICC on the Ysera (US) Server.  Currently 11/12 in 10 man hard modes and 12/12 in ICC 25.  Our raid times are 10-12 Tues/Weds/Sun.  Contact Nylus, Kraytanna, Customs, Baharetz, or Taigo in game with any questions.
Other Guild News

Sindy 25 Man Heroic

Maalcolm, Sep 9, 10 1:50 AM.

Acheron's first Heroic Sindragosa kill on 25-man. Grats guys, great job tonight!

Halion 25 Man (Regular)

Maalcolm, Sep 8, 10 3:11 AM.
Just messing around with Moviemaker.

Professor Putricide 25 HM Down!

Pnkeenan, Aug 23, 10 4:48 AM.
Professor Putricide 25 hm is down so on to Sindy!  It has been a long time since there has been an update here so this is an attempt to have our news reflect the active progression going on in game.  Without further ado, our PP 25hm kill for the week!

The King is Dead

Kraytanna, Jun 6, 10 7:28 AM.
MMMMMM Regicide!


Kraytanna, May 18, 10 5:23 PM.
Just because I haven't written anything here in months - Summer is upon us so I'm recruiting again to fill in for people on vacation and the like.  If you want to join a guild that kicks some serious ass but does it in a time-efficient manner, Acheron might be the place for you.  We're looking for DPS that can pull 12k+ in ICC and possibly some raid heals.  Post an application in our forums if you think you'll fit in!
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